Litigation and Arbitration

We assist our clients – especially business clients – with complex commercial litigations before the ordinary and administrative courts in national and international arbitrations and in proceedings before independent authorities.

The team’s flexibility and astute integration of a variety of specialized skills permit us to provide our clients with a superior level of assistance. Additionally, thanks to a growing reliable network of law firms, we are able to provide support where emergency measures are needed for protection both in Italy and in foreign jurisdictions.

Our experience with managing procedural tools and assessing litigation risks combined with our established expertise and vast knowledge of the business needs of our clients allow us to provide timely and efficient support for the management of potential litigations.
Alternative means of dispute resolution (known as ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution) as conciliation and mediation is always considered as an opportunity to promote the settlement of a pending or potential dispute.

We offer our clients case-by-case specialized attention, in order to provide the support needed to balance legal costs against risks and opportunities of a potential lawsuit.

Finally, we offer an efficient structure for credit recovery with regard to companies, banks and financial institutions.