Personality Rights and Personal Data Protection

“Our social personality is created by the thoughts of other people.” (Marcel Proust)

The focus on protection of individual rights to identity, reputation and privacy is gaining more and more momentum with the increasing development of media technologies and mass communication. Our firm offers both advisory and litigation services to address the emerging legal challenges posed to these rights.

Our data protection practice is offered to business clients from a variety of diversified sectors. We support our clients by following good practices in the design and implementation of all endeavours to ensure that they effectively interoperate with business culture while, at the same time, comply with the law.

To this end, we audit our clients’ practices in order to identify possible compliance gaps both in the marketing and customer profiling policies as well as those concerning the security of business assets (log checks, system administration, video surveillance).

Additionally, we have specific experience with issues concerning the transfer of personal data both intercompany and between independent entities, behavioural advertising, processing and ownership of data in the cloud, client relationship management and data protection implications of service outsourcing contracts.