Antitrust and Competition Law

“All games have rules; without them, there would be no winner.”

The realm of antitrust and competition law encompasses cartels, abuse of dominance and merger control, as well as rules of unfair competition in neighbouring sectors of advertising and unfair commercial practices towards consumers and micro-enterprises. These areas of the law are clearly interdependent as they share the common goal of ensuring a fair and level playing field for stakeholders on the market.

The assistance we provide focuses on the analysis of antitrust agreements between undertakings, which has intensified as a result of legislative changes requiring parties to take sole responsibility for assessing whether an agreement may benefit from individual exemption pursuant to article 101, third paragraph, TFUE. We also represent businesses in proceedings against cartels and abuse of dominance before the antitrust authorities, as well as, before the competent courts in any possible appellate proceedings.

Over time, the firm has consolidated its expertise regarding antitrust issues and general competition-related law becoming highly specialized in this area. This is of specific interest to trade associations, as we ordinarily assist with avoiding breaches of antitrust law while at the same time supporting core institutional activities.

The industrial sectors where we have been most actively involved in antitrust and competition-related law matters are those of fast moving consumer goods, financial services, food products and electronics.