We firmly believe that the real significance of the lawyer’s profession lies in its potential for helping to make society better, not least by providing advice to those who cannot afford legal services in the market.

The ethical values shared by all those who work as professionals in our practice include a personal commitment to not for profit activities in the widest sense: providing pro bono legal advice to the disadvantaged, supporting – in a not for profit or limited-profit perspective – entities and associations active in the third sector, and looking for innovative ways of making a positive contribution to society.

With this in mind we engage in a range of practical initiatives: for instance, we voluntarily provide legal advice to not for profit organizations on issues of general interest or matters relating to the third sector; we regularly devote time to examining issues of public housing (specifically in the social housing sector); we advise foundations engaged with the diffusion and sharing of the cultural heritage, and we have designed an environmental risk management programme that encourages companies’ environmental compliance by providing a set of activities carried out by our professionals on a basis that is essentially free of charge.

In the same spirit, and aiming at raising general awareness on compliance with the laws, we arrange and conduct training courses on matters that fall within our professional competence.