An independent law practice, flexible and ready to share the clients’ entrepreneurial risk: that was the spirit that animated Eva Maschietto and Massimo Maggiore when in 2007 they decided to put their long standing experience with leading national and international law firms at the service of clients. In 2011 they were joined by two new partners, Katja Besseghini and Giuseppina Staropoli, sharing a similar background and the approach to the legal profession.


Law on your side is the motto that sums up our idea of legal practice: because we are well aware that the law, and business law in particular, requires us to identify with our clients and carefully listen.


We aim for a practical approach to business issues at all times, avoiding formality except when it serves a purpose, and putting efficiency and added value at the heart of everything we do.


Transparency and flexibility enable us to find a proper balance in our fee structure, too; this is results-based, and takes the client’s expectations into account. We can also draw on an informal network of tried and tested law firms, Italian and international, as well as our links with other professional practices to supplement our own services.


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