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Author: Massimo Maggiore


A complex cloud computing deal closed with the assistance of MMLEX

Cloud computing has gained momentum in the digital transformation strategies of large corporations.

Italy has of late championed the flow of investments in cloud based services, in particular in the utility industry.

MMLEX’s IT department, headed by Massimo Maggiore, acting in the interest of the provider, has acquired considerable expertise in dealing with the complexity that cloud computing deals may involve, particularly when they are of sizeable economic value.

The complexity stems from the need to combine the business organization and modus operandi of the customer with that of the cloud service provider.

This is not an easy task, because internal procedures of both parties may be strict by design, as they are intended to protect the business’s operations from the pitfalls of improvisation and unpredictability. Hence, the need to construct a contractual interface, to enable the apt interplay between the two organizational models.

Recent experiences of the firm confirm that this is doable, when all business functions work closely together to round corners, with a pragmatic approach.